Possible applications for our reference data:

  • Optimizing delivery speed in post and parcel services
  • Basis for address validation and verification for software manufacturers
  • Advertising planning for telecommunication companies
  • Supporting address capture in call centers
  • Market analysis and sales monitoring in the pharma sector
  • Risk analysis in the insurance sector
  • Mailing optimization and new customer acquisition for mail-order businesses, retailers, fundraising,
    energy suppliers, lottery operators and others
  • Site evaluation and sales management for retailers (food, sporting goods, DIY,
    furniture and others)
  • Analysis of healthcare sector organizations
  • Emissions analysis in the aviation sector
  • Analyses by the German Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning
  • Numerous partners in the field of address services & geo-marketing
  • Plausibility checks in address files in various sectors
  • and much more