We – AZ Direct – are just a small part of a much bigger company. But that shouldn’t stop us from doing our bit for the environment.

Over the last few years, we have introduced numerous steps to try to make small improvements for the environment, and we have probably already achieved a lot as a result. But helping the environment is an ongoing process and one good deed is not enough so it’s important that we keep going.

We want to achieve even more – this time in the area of climate change in particular. Let’s take a look back to 2020. More trees died that year than ever before as a result of countless storms, persistent drought, poor nutrient supply in the earth and a variety of pests such as the bark beetle. We lost 138,000 hectares, which we now need to reforest.

More and more forests are being lost around the world because more trees have been felled than are planted for decades now. To counteract this, numerous companies have been established that aim to plant more new trees in order to offset CO2 long term.



One of the biggest companies in this field is PLANT-MY-TREE®. They work to ensure that new trees are planted, thereby also supporting the forestry sector. Working with partners and other companies, PLANT-MY-TREE has already planted 750,000 trees.

More about PLANT-MY-TREE

We are also keen to further support this work, and have launched an environmental campaign with PLANT-MY-TREE. Each one of our customers will be given a chance to play their part in helping the environment. For every purchase made in our online shop, a tree will be planted on the customer’s behalf.

With just one tree, customers ensure that an additional 10,000 liters of oxygen is produced each day. The tree is planted in PLANT-MY-TREE’s own woodlands, and the tree number and coordinates on the certificate allow you to see its exact location.

PLANT-MY-TREE operates fairly locally, growing most of the trees in Germany. The company thereby promotes bio-diversity and contributes to preserving and increasing the variety of species in the local ecosystem.

We are all striving for a cleaner future. Not only for ourselves, but also for future generations. If everyone did a little, together we could achieve a lot.

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