Coordinates are an ideal supplement to our reference data and are used by our customers for the following purposes:

  • Visualization of the customer, competition and supplier distribution
  • Support in market analyses and valuations
  • Location planning
  • Optimizing goods delivery routes
  • Calculating accessibility of locations from the perspective of the customer or supplier
  • Identifying possible gaps in the sales structure and untapped potential

We currently provide coordinates from the following two suppliers as standard:


The residential area, street and building directories can be supplied with augmented Open Street Map coordinates: This data is currently not of the same quality and comprehensiveness as the TomTom coordinates, but it is getting better every day (e.g. some building coordinates are missing and are represented by the closest available coordinates).

This data is “open” data that is available in accordance with the Open Data Commons Open Database License. The following licensing note must be displayed wherever the data is displayed or passed on externally: © OpenStreetMap contributors


We also offer the TomTom “address points” coordinates, which are of outstanding quality, for all our reference data. These address points combine the coordinates from the TomTom transport navigation system with the building coordinates of the state land surveying authorities. On the building level, we supply coordinates accurate to specific buildings for the most part. For our street directories, the most precise coordinate available from the TomTom transport navigation system is provided for each street section. In many cases, this is the coordinate of the center point of the street or street section.


Format of the coordinates
We are very flexible in this regard too, and are happy to adapt to your requirements. The two most popular formats for coordinates are:

This is the most common global reference system. The advantage of WGS84 is that you can also use the coordinates for viewing directly in Google Maps. With WGS84, the coordinates for the town of Oestrich-Winkel in Germany can be noted in degrees as 50° 0′ 30.75″ N / 8° 1′ 11.5″ E or decimally as 50.008542° / 8.019861°

Lambert conformal conic projection
This format is ideal for calculating metrical values, i.e. distances, in databases. It makes the calculation process much easier and faster.

Up-to-dateness of the coordinates
We update both the OpenStreetMap and the TomTom coordinates several times a year (4 times a year as a rule).