Do you have other data?
Yes, in addition to the reference data (street and building data) we have data and features on various levels such as the municipal, postcode, town and street level. We also offer a variety of other products and services – take a look at our website or call us.
Which data package is the right one for me?
That depends on what you intend to do with it. Address validation often requires a different degree of detail in the data than route planning for parcel delivery. Companies working in the energy, newspaper and insurance sectors, for example, will also probably require a shorter update interval than businesses in other sectors. Please contact us to discuss what would be best for you – we will be happy to share our experiences working with hundreds of customers in various fields.
Where do you get the data?
We collect all the data ourselves. AZ is the rights holder of the data. We receive a lot of the data directly from city and municipality authorities, as well as from numerous partners and customers such as post and parcel delivery companies, energy suppliers, telecommunication companies, mail-order companies, etc.
Do you sell the data of any other data providers?
No, AZ owns all the rights to the data. We collect and process the data ourselves. The coordinates are the only exception to this. You’ll find details about the origin of the data in the respective product descriptions.
What sets your data apart from that of other providers?
A 12-strong team of experienced researchers and data collectors (who have been with the company for many years) carries out manual maintenance of our database every day. We are in regular contact with town, city and municipality authorities, and we also automatically receive information about new streets and buildings and renamed streets from many towns, cities and municipalities. We also receive verification requests from our customers (e.g. postal and courier companies, address validation service providers, energy suppliers) via our email service. These usually receive a personal response within 24 hours. To ensure the highest quality at all times, we have developed comprehensive policies and verification guidelines, on the basis of which our data sources are continuously checked and reevaluated.
What happens when I cannot find an address in your data?
Please write to us using the following email address: Your query will usually be processed within 24 hours. If, after positive verification, the address is really missing from our database, we will add it without delay. You will then have the address after the next update.
Do you also have coordinates?
Yes. We provide coordinates from the following suppliers as standard: - OpenStreetMap - TomTom However, we can also supply coordinates by Here upon request.
Why doesn’t it make sense to update the postcode and municipal data more than four times a year?
This data is updated quarterly by the German Federal Statistical Office and Deutsche Post. So it doesn’t make sense to deliver the data more often than that.