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Community Information Germany

Updating :

With community Information, you will receive information about all places, as well as a lot of additional political information.

How our customers use this data:

  • Mapping sales areas

What exactly you’ll receive:

  • District code
  • District name
  • State code
  • State Designation
  • Government district code
  • Government district designation
  • County code
  • County designation
  • Number of inhabitants classification at commune level
  • Area classification at the community level

For details, see the product description in the attachment.

How the data is delivered:

You will receive a csv file with the field description in the header. The “;” semicolon was chosen as a separator. In each delivery, we send the most recent version of the full database.

We can also supply the data in any other data format and layout you wish. It is important to us that the data can be easily integrated into any systems being used. Write to us to let us know what you need.


  • This file can be downloaded after it has been checked by an employee


How often should the data be updated?

When you choose a subscription license, we deliver this file every quarter as standard. But it is also possible to receive the data every six months or annually. 

How up to date is the data?

We always deliver the most up-to-date database available.
There can be daily changes in this data.

The following supplementary data can be supplied for an additional fee:

  • Coordinates
  • Features

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